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Landscape Architect And Design Consultant

Mebbie's Bio

Mary Barker's Bio.: Mary Ellen Barker.

I am blessed with the ability to visualize the beauty of nature; in whatever I see and wherever I look. From an early age, my hands were always in soil; growing and harvesting flowers and vegetables in our family's backyard.

In addition to my love of growing things, I love to draw; especially landscapes. I can remember winning an award for a painting I did of a farm scene in 1st grade. All through my teen years, and into adulthood, I was always surrounded by my desire for growing and nurturing plants.
Landscape Architect And Design Consultant
Due to my artistic vision and analytical interpretation, I have the ability to see past any issues of a given landscape condition, and thereby am able to correct it; in order to to allow its natural beauty to transcend.

My ambition is to bring out the beauty of any given landscape through my designs; while exercising sensitivity to my client's needs and wishes. My philosophy is to bring peace, harmony and tranquility to everyone's life that I touch through my work.

As a result of my many years of experience and knowledge in the landscaping industry, I have been successful in catering to my client's every needs by developing functional and tranquil outdoor living areas for all to enjoy for years to come.

With my artistic capabilities, visual acuteness, understanding of construction and drainage logistics, and knowledge of overall plant habits, I am able to utilize these elements in my design work.

I attended the University of Maryland; studying Horticulture, Botany and Physiology. That academic experience has given me the tools I require in order to better understand life and the Landscaping field which I am honored and proud to have been a part of for the past 35+ years.

I am a people person; who enjoys interacting with people and trying to better understand their needs and desires for achieving their ultimate goals. My integrity is my sacred bond.

Mary E. Barker

water gardens

water gardens portfolio
Water gardens, aslo known as aquatic gardens, backyard ponds and garden ponds, have become popular in recent years.

Usually referring to a man-made feature, these gardens typically combine a pool with aquatic plants and often ornamental fish. Fixed items such as rocks, fountains, statuary, waterfalls and watercourses can be combined with the pool to add visual interest and itegration with the local landscape and environment.


hardscapes portfolio
Landscaping is a science, as it is an art and requires good observation and design skills. A good landscaper understands the elements of nature and construction, and blends them accordingly.
MEB'S design Studio, Mary E. Barker, Certified Horticulturist, Degree in Landscape Design and Architecture